About Swenglish

The Swenglish project is a book and a film. Based on Louise Halvardsson's journey through everyday life in England and Sweden.

In 2012 Louise turned 30, but instead of throwing a party she spent 30 weeks staying with 30 different people. Half of them in England, half of them in Sweden.

The aim was to observe everyday life and to compare the similarities and differences between Swedish and English culture. But in the end it turned out to be more of a personal quest...

"I was going to turn 30 and had lived in England for 10 years. According to a language teacher I met, after a decade abroad you’ll either stay forever or you’ll go home: become a lifer or a leaver. And I’d started thinking about where I belonged: Britain or Sweden." 

Louise had also run out of dreams.

"...success and happiness felt like history, something that could not be repeated. It felt unbearable to have 50 years left of my life, but no idea what to do with it." 

She was hoping that the 30 people would help her find new dreams. Each person had to answer 30 questions about everything from their drinking habits to their future plans. She shadowed people at work as well as at play. At times she was a very annoying fly on the wall.

On this blog you can read snippets from Louise's adventures and some of the 30 questions and answers.

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