Thursday, 24 July 2014

Question 21: What's your Favourite Food?

Influences from Other Countries
Without immigration it wouldn't have been much fun eating in neither Sweden or England. Pasta, Thai food and kebab were some of the favourites among my Swenglish-project participants. Only one person mentioned fish 'n' chips and that was a Swede!

Chocolate is Food too

My own favourite food is dark chocolate. Yes, that's food too! Some people answered "peanut butter" and "cheese", so I think I'm allowed to say chocolate. It surprised me that many of the Swedes I stayed with were so mad about red meat. There seem to be more veggies in England! 
Being Served or Serving Yourself
What I noticed when I stayed with the different people was that people in England often served up food on a plate as if I were in a restaurant while people in Sweden more often put the pots and pans on the table and asked me to help myself.
IMG_9017Favourite Foods in Sweden
Spaghetti and mince sauce (soya or quorn)
Thai food
Pad Thai
Egg, no salads and soups
Indian food, Thai food
Bbq meet or kebab, but then it has to come from Huskvarna or Jönköping
South East Asian food (vegan)
Very good fish 'n' chips and milkshake for dessert
A bloody steak, beef in general
Fläskfilé and potatisgratäng (Pork tenderloin and a potato dish with onion, cheese and cream that you bake in the oven)
Kebab pizza from the Kebab belt (in Småland)
Bbq meet
Pizza and råbiff (steak tartare)
Crispy lövbiff (minute steak) with garlic butter

IMG_8341Favoritmat i England
Peanut butter
Grilled octopus
Greek food
Roast lamb
Japanese Food
Lentil Dahl
Prawn cocktail and avocado vinaigrette
Roast dinner
Fried-up potato with batter and fried egg
This study is by no means scientific, the answers are based on interviewing 15 people in England and 15 people in Sweden, aged 22-59. A majority are heterosexual women, but there are a few men and some LGBT people in the study as well. Look out for the next question: What's your favourite drink?

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