Thursday, 19 April 2012

Week7: World Famous Squares

It’s not every day I have lunch in Trafalgar Square. My seventh Swenglish person is an arts writer, and he took me round a few galleries in London. When we stopped for a sandwich in the world famous square I felt strangely happy.

To be in a place I’ve seen on TV and read about in books makes me feel connected, puts me on the map. That’s one thing I really like about living in England, to be part of the world. People all over the planet know about London landmarks, but I doubt anyone can name a square in Stockholm unless they’ve been there on holiday. 
Perhaps it’s my job to educate people, so I've inserted a picture of ”Plattan” ("The Plate"?) ,
or Sergels Torg, a famous square in the heart of Sweden’s capital. 

And as a bonus I'll give you "Dödens's  Väntrum" ("Death's Waiting Room"), 
the "big" square (stortorget) in my hometown Nässjö.


  1. i love sweden. i love malmo and malmo museums!
    i live in england btw

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