Friday, 13 September 2013

Do you Celebrate Friday 13?

IMG_3719One of the Swedish Swenglish participants claimed that she celebrated Friday 13.
"I like Friday 13 because then it's a bit scary. You can have bad luck without it being any problem. If something bad happens you can use Friday 13 as an excuse."
However she didn't tell me how she celebrated. If she had 13 ice-creams or did some other 13-related stuff. Perhaps it would be a fun tradition to create. Run round the house or block 13 times for example. 
One of the English project participants really disliked Friday 13 and would never fly on that day. But he had no problem booking a flight for September 11 ...
England and Sverige have a few common myths around Friday 13, but Wikipedia tells me that in Spain Tuesday 13 is an unlucky day and in Italy it's Friday 17 that is considered unlucky.
If you have a story relating to Friday 13, please get in touch!
PS. The picture is from my Swedish diary and if you wonder about what "Sture" means it's a male name. In Sweden every day has a name and some people celebrate their "name day". Mine is on August 25.

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