Monday, 11 May 2015

Question 29: Do you Believe in God?

The English are more open for spirituality than the Swedes
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Only one of the Swenglish project participants in Sweden and only one of the participants in England answered a straight "yes" when asked "Do you believe in God?" 
Most Swedes answered with a clear no, only a couple of people started talking about some kind of spiritual energy. And one person said:

"Only when I'm in a situation where everything is going tits up... Then I go a bit religious and start praying, as and when it suits."
The people I stayed with in England were more open for spiritual stuff. A majority believed there was "something more to it" even if they couldn't explain what it was. One person called herself a pagan and a couple of people were involved in meditation or yoga movements. A typical answer was:
”I believe there’s some kind of unifying being that connects all things, a sort of unity, nor good or bad. Like nature it can be cruel or dispassionate.”

This study is by no means scientific, the answers are based on interviewing 15 people in England and 15 people in Sweden, aged 22-59. Look out for the next question: What's your biggest fear?

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