Monday, 19 October 2015

Swenglish has a big sister!

IMG_7350At Klubb Aktersalongen in Gothenburg I met an author who has written a "sister book" to Swenglish. 
Jakten på den perfekta puben ("The Hunt for the Perfect Pub") is the name of Kristina Svensson's masterpiece. It's set in Wales and describes her experience of living and working there. She also visits quite a few pubs. Obviously. 
The book is a masterpiece in my point of my view because I recognise so many British quirks. 
Messy backyards, page 36:
Kristina writes about the backyards of houses that you see from train windows. She wonders why nobody has ever thought of having two "fronts" of the house. As if they were oblivious to people on trains who can look straight at their backyard mess.
Unreasonable showers, page 64:
The author feels cheated by the expression "power shower". Your only choice is a "forceful cold shower" or a "hot trickling shower".
Lack of signposts, page 211:
If you go hiking in Britain it's easy to get lost as the signposts are usually well hidden. Something Kristina experiences in Usk valley. (This makes me think of when I was going to take my mum for a walk to Beachy Head and we had to call a taxi to even find the starting point from the bus stop.)
Queuing without clothes, page 255:
The author and I agree that people in Britain seem to lack outer garments like jackets. Especially when they queue outside night clubs.
Thank you, Kristina for an entertaining read!
And please don't be offended, we do love you, Britain!
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