Tuesday, 24 December 2013

English cravings for Christmas

Just before Christmas I was hit by an enormous craving for England and anything English. Luckily there's an "English shop" in Gothenburg. There I spent more money than on Christmas presents for my family ... In the picture are only some of the stuff i miss from England:
*Christmas crackers (They exist in Sweden as a tree decoration, but there's no "gun powder" inside, just a piece of sweet if you're lucky and you're not supposed to crack it open until you take the tree out.)
*Mince pies (The first time I was offered a mince pie, I said no thanks as I'm a vegetarian and thought that the pie contained meat mince!)
*Mulled wine (I could not buy the wine itself, but I found the spices. In Sweden we have "glögg" which is similar but sweeter and is served with raisins and almonds.)

*Salt & vinegar crisps (There's a Swedish brand of salt and vinegar crisps nowadays but it doesn't even taste of vinegar in comparison to Walkers.)
*Cadbury's chocolate (I'm not a massive Cadbury fan, I just bought this in a flash of nostalgia.) 
*Flap jack
*E45 cream (A bit tragic to miss a cream! But then it's the best cream for dry skin that I've ever tried. Not very fancy, but it works.)
Merry Christmas/God Jul to all blog readers out there!


  1. Louise, your blog is fascinating. I am from England and spent a lot of time in Sweden for work, but I was only there for about 18 hrs each time, so never really got proper understanding of what Swedes or the culture are like. Now I am sitting in a cafe with a hot cup of coffee and I'm going to read your posts!

  2. Hello Jon! Nice that you found my blog :=). Hope you get the chance to see more of Sweden!