Monday, 9 July 2012

Week X: Halfway there

This is the woman 
who has spent 15 weeks
being a traveller in the everyday life
of 15 different people in England

This is the woman 
who gave up her room and her job 
and her own social life
in order to live the life of other people

This is the woman
who is going to do it all over again
15 weeks, 15 different people in Sweden
Is she crazy?

Tomorrow I'll be on a plane to my home country and then a train to my hometown Nässjö. 
Six weeks of working on my Swenglish book, before moving in with Swedish person number 1. 

I'm more confused than I was when starting the project 
and have no idea where I'll settle ... Exhausting and exciting in equal measures.

 I'll still be updating the blog during my break. Thanks for reading. 
And a big thanks to the people I've stayed with so far.


  1. Bon voyage! I hope you have a good journey home, and a good rest. I'm really curious about what will happen in the Swedish stage of your travels!

  2. Barnaby Marriott9 July 2012 at 21:21

    Safe travels, bon voyage, my darling Lou! So glad you popped in to my work to see me the other day. I will miss you so much while you're in Sweden, but I'm so interested and excited to read what will happen with the Swedish households! Keep the blog and photos coming! x x x