Saturday, 1 September 2012

Week17: The Kettle in the Cupboard

’I can’t be arsed to get the kettle out’, my host said when I arrived on Sunday night. She offered me a cup of tea alright, but boiled the water in a pan instead of using the kettle. This isn't unusual in Sweden. My parents store their kettle in the cellar and find it a real hassle when I’m visiting and they have to get it out. Some Swedes don’t even own a kettle. (Although they probably have three different kinds of equipment for making coffee.)

For lunch one day, when my host was at work, I had toast, but I had to rummage in the cupboard for the toaster as well. Tea and toast is not in fashion in Sweden. Coffee and open sandwiches are more popular.

When an English friend visited a while ago he couldn’t believe there wasn’t a toaster in my brother’s flat. Instead he used the waffle maker ...


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