Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year - 2013 is yet uncut

1 January I was too tired too think, but I spent most of 2 January in tears, crying because Swenglish was over. Because of my project, 2012 was probably the most structured year in my life since I went to school. I knew where I would be from week to week, and yet I was in the hands of other people and didn't have to make too many decisions of my own as I was living someone else's life.

And here I am with a new year and no plans. Well, that's a lie. My big goal is to complete the Swenglish book based on my project and find a publisher for it. While I'm writing I hope other things will become more clear. I know that I want to write and that I want to study, but I don't know what and where to study. I still stand with one foot in the forests of Sweden and one foot on the beach in Brighton&Hove.

A part of my project was to ask each person I stayed with 30 questions, hoping that 30 different (or sometimes very similar!) answers to each question would help me looking at my own life. My plan for the blog this year is to discuss one question a week and publish some of the answers (anonymously of course).

So look out for the first question coming next week: What would you miss about England/Sweden if you lived abroad?


PS. The cake is a vegan dark rye bread cake with seaweed and is now a NYE tradition, lovingly made by "big sister".


  1. Barnaby Marriott4 January 2013 at 12:10

    I can completely understand why this has had you in tears, it's fantastic that you did this for an entire year in the two countries so close to your heart. 2013 will be another amazing year for you, I know it. Love you x x x

  2. Thank you dear, Barney! I guess I never really celebrated that I came to the end of Swenglish, so thanks for reminding me :) Lots of love xxx

  3. Well done for all you did in 2012, I have a lot of respect for you, it required quite a bit of stamina and patience I imagine! I've enjoyed reading your blog posts. I really hope things come clear for you soon, and that you have peace about the decisions that you make. And of course that your future book is a rioting success!! :-)