Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week2: Green Tea & The Sea

I'm not in China, but I've just moved in with my second Swenglish host and I was very happy to be offered green tea on arrival. After a week of trying to get used to rooibos tea at the last place I stayed, I've realised that I can't live without green tea.

Another thing I missed last week was the sea. You can't see it or smell it from Preston. Where I'm staying now, in Brunswick Square, I've got a sea view!

It's funny how I learn as much about myself as I do about other people through this project. I'm trying to give up my own habits and adapt other people's habits to a certain extent, and that's how I find out what I miss and don't miss about my "old" life. It does feel like a long time ago already since I was a writer who lived in Hove and worked part-time in the library.

PS. no carpet in the loo!


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