Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Week13: From being a Non-Drinking Vegan to having a Sunday Pub Roast

 The beauty of Swenglish is that even if I travel from one part of the city to another, it often feels like travelling between two different countries. I spent most weekend with host number 12 meditating, singing mantras, following a wheat-free, sugar-free, vegan, sattvic (excluding mushroom, onion & garlic) diet and drinking nothing stronger than nettle tea. On Sunday afternoon I met host number 13 in a pub for a (vegetarian) roast and pints of ale, followed by watching football in another pub.

Traditionally a meal similar to the English roast dinner is served in Sweden on Sundays, but people would never go out for a roast– unless there was a special occasion and even then they would have to find a posh gastro pub and spend lots of money. The potatoes would most likely be boiled instead of roasted and the meat would be pork or beef, rarely lamb. And it would be unheard of for the younger generation to have a traditional meal on a Sunday – take-away pizza is the Swedish way.

In England people of all ages, including lots of students, go out for a roast on Sundays and it’s very affordable (between £6 and £10) and you usually get a mountain of food. However the meal I had didn’t look very appetising (I photographed my plate before I’d touched anything – it was served in a true sloppy manner) and I’m not too sure about the taste as I was too hungry to care.

Among the slop on my plate were Yorkshire pudding (years ago I thought it was a dessert and it does remind me of savoury croissants), cauliflower cheese, and a mushroom parcel, so I definitely broke the wheat-free, vegan, sattvic diet. I enjoyed having an ale, but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I quite liked my super healthy week ...

I couldn’t care less about the football – Ireland played Croatia and lost, but the Irishmen in the pub were in good spirits and sang along to the Irish folk songs that the bar staff kindly put on. Apparently England is playing Sweden this week. I’ll have to get my Swenglish flag out ...

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